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Zappi, Solar & Battery Storage Advice

HI All

Hope we are all enjoying the UK weather atm.
I am after some help/advice and hope someone here can assist.

We have had our  Zappi & solar for a while now (both can be seen on the Myenergy app) and have it working so my car charges either with excess Solar or overnight in our cheap EV tariff period - all was good.
We have now got battery storage (not Libbi unfortunately, supply issues and the battery will not show on the Myenergy app as it is a sunsynk) and what I want is to keep charging either by solar if access or overnight but when I try to do it it starts drawing off the battery.

Any idea if this is possible?

Also - on a side note - can you set it so it will only charge by solar on a weekend say plug in Friday- charge off solar Sat & Sun - if not fully charged by then - overnight Sunday.

Thanks in advance

Hello, Please take a look at these articles directly from myenergi.