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Heat pump questions

I hear the Gov ( in it's infinite wisdom) is going to make heat pumps compulsory from 2024 for new builds, is this true ? My concern is because I have no experience of heat pumps, grew up with an open fireplace, then it all changed to central heating. My concern is that a HP will take ages to warm a house and will never be as cosy as a Gas fired boiler can offer, plus I understand the DHW will not be as hot.....just concerned that HP in their present form isn't the solution, also concerned about running costs Vs a conventional boiler

Hi Liam,

Heat pumps take longer to heat up but you leave them running for longer to compensate.  Running costs of a heat pump which has been properly set up are currently broadly comparable to gas (that's, however, a political decision because relative energy prices are driven largely by politics not economics).  They are much cheaper than any other form of electric heating.  Many people with heat pumps report higher levels of comfort.  They aren't perfect by any means, but neither is any other known way of heating homes.


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